Thought Provoking Images

A Photographic Adventure of Light and Shadow Photography by Simon Pole.









Light and Shadow









Landscape and Nature









When Darkness falls

Light painting and night photography









People and Portrait










Gallery and Blog

Please visit the galleries to view my photography covering Light Painting and Night, People and Portrait, Derelict and ruin plus various other styles. Blog featuring articles on photography and related subjects, including light painting, lighting set-ups, strobist off camera flash techniques and much more.

Who and Why

I am a photographer based in the northern UK and work with digital mostly these days but I do still use film on occasion. At the age of eight I got a Saturday job for a local photographer who introduced me to darkroom process and gave me my first camera, the rest of that story is better seen than read.

Why and How

From an early age I discovered that the world can be seen and recorded in a snapshot of time in a visually interesting way through the camera, my goal is to create thought provoking and interesting visuals with a box that collects and records light and any available light emitting source.