Introduction – Seduced by Light…

I am Simon and this is my story.

I am a photographer based in central Scotland, northern UK and work with digital mostly these days but I do still use film on occasion.

I started out photographically at the age of 8 where I worked as a darkroom assistant for 2 years before even picking a camera up, that knowledge became very important in later years.

The photographer that I was working for gave me my first camera and taught me the basics step by step, I was hooked, maybe I will do the same thing to someone one day.
Update: I gave my a Canon DSLR and 50mm prime lens to a good friend and I have started working with her on some photographic projects, mostly from the back seat, giving her some basic instructions in the same way I was introduces to photography.

My Photography

My photography covers many genres and is limited only by my imagination and the ability to achieve what I want, I like to experiment, and some of my ideas don’t work ha ha!
My mainstay in latter years is with the photography of people, particularly artistic and erotic nude, although I will and do work with numerous other styles.
Additionally I work with landscape, wildlife and motor sport (sometimes) to name just a few.

I like to collaborate with the people that I work with, to find the inner “them” instead of telling them what to do, this method works for me and can produce unique, emotional and expressive images.

I like to experiment with photography and to see what is possible in camera and what isn’t, some of my experiments don’t work, that it really the whole point, finding the line between the possible and impossible without digital editing, most of my photography is just what the name implies, photography with minimal editing.
Any digital work is either blatantly obvious or will be marked as such.

Likes: Honesty (and honest critique) and politeness.

Dislikes: Dishonesty of any form and Impoliteness.

Photography is a way if being.
Thank you for reading the introduction to Seduced by Light.