Night photography of the Forth Bridge…

Forth (Rail) Bridge at NightA recent trip out in search of something interesting to photograph at night. Not technically light painting, but night photography none the less, the Forth (Rail) Bridge has been undergoing some renovations for a number of years, which has kind of spoiled the aesthetics of this lovely and interesting structure with white cladding in various sections making photography of it a little messy. This seemed to finish a short time ago, the cladding now gone, and from what I can remember of the bridges illuminations, this has undergone a fairly significant upgrade too, though the bright spotlights along the base supports does make exposure a little tricky.

How the shot was made

This photo of the Forth Bridge was shot as the evening light faded to night, exposure time is appropriately 10 seconds from a tripod mounted camera, with an inverted neutral density (ND8) filter to try to hold the over exposure of the floodlights whilst achieving a relatively even exposure of the bridge and retaining some sky detail.

One of the longest cantilever bridges in the world.

The forth Bridge completed in 1890 was the longest spanning cantilever bridge in the world at 521 meters/1,710 feet until the Quebec Bridge (Pont de Québec) was completed in 1917, spanning 549 meters/1,800 feet, the Forth Bridge still remains the longest spanning cantilever bridge in Europe and the second longest in the world and that seems unlikely to change.