Location Fashion Strobist and Natural Light Photography…

A little while ago I attended a  SCN networking evening in Edinburgh with Stu Hyland, and met local model Gemma, and in doing so we arranged to work together on a collaboration and agreed on a location shoot at a castle in the Scottish borders.


Stuart and myself decided on different location within the castle and I decided on using a stone archway for model placement, with a perspective leading backward through more background archways.

This shot was done with natural ambient light provided by an open, or rather missing roof on a heavily overcast day giving soft lighting through out the scene with a little fill flash to camera left to add  a bit of contrast.


This second shot, more of a portrait was shot in another door arch but from a different angle, with the light back lighting the model and a more powerful fill flash to bring out the vivid red of her hair and detail in the eye closest to the camera.

Additional lighting provided by a flashgun and softbox on a VALS AKA Stuart, these stands, while sometimes a little temperamental are a lot more versatile than the old school metal ones that can fall over, although that can happen with a VALS if the ground is wet and slippery, although they are self righting, which is a bonus.


No collaboration is complete without a sniping outtake and direction (shouting at Stu across the courtyard)  to offer advice (or distract him a little) as it never hurts to teach someone to still be able to get the shot amidst distraction.


Other images from this shoot in the People and portrait gallery titled Luminous Solitude and Forgotten Time.

On closing this post, it would be prudent to mention that many of these castles are staffed, though some aren’t, although most of these places are ok with photography within their premises, it is wise to seek permission either before turning up, or at least on arrival as being turned away is not very cool. Also some of these places have events and or re-enactments, so it is a good idea to check that first too.

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