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Life in a Dark Cupboard

We Live Alone in a Dark Cupboard... In the beginning. This is a story of photography meets metal and glass and  at the risk of sounding  ungrateful, while I love photography and have done so for many years, more than I care to recall, I don't really have a competitive...

The Dirty Harry Trilogy – Blondie Tribute

Dirty Harry Edinburgh - Blondie Tribute Band... Some time back in October, in-between running around in the dark with torches, glowie things and sparks I had a by chance meeting with Sarah Kennedy, who just happens to stand out from the...

On Location with Chrissie Red

Shooting on Location with Chrissie Red I recently met up with Chrissie when she made a brief visit to my area, we had not seen one another for some time, so it was good just to catch up and get a few photos in the process. After meeting up with Chrissie at South...

Castle Portraits – Location shoot with Gemma Chan

Location Fashion Strobist and Natural Light Photography... A little while ago I attended a  SCN networking evening in Edinburgh with Stu Hyland, and met local model Gemma, and in doing so we arranged to work together on a collaboration and agreed on a location shoot...

Location Portrait Lighting – Strobist Lighting Setup

Portrait Lighting on Location - Strobist  off Camera Flash... What you need - (D)SLR, a flash gun and a flash triggering system. Difficulty - Intermediate. Model - Chrissie Red. Lighting diagram -  by Kevin Kertz. I get asked about this image quite a lot, so I decided...

Street Photography – Panel of Images

Panel Based Competition on Street Photography... I don't usually talk much about competition photography outside of a small group of peers, as I am usually ok with images I select to use for such things, however on this occasion the theme was on street photography for...

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