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Livingston Celebrates 50 Years – Fiddle Rally

Fiddle Rally Celebrating Livingstons 50 Year Anniversary... As part of the Livingston, West Lothian 50 Year Birthday celebrations, a Fiddle Rally with The Livingston Fiddlers who were formed in 1979,  performed with guest musicians from Edinburgh and surrounding areas...

Forth (Rail) Bridge at night – Lighting Scotland

Night photography of the Forth Bridge... A recent trip out in search of something interesting to photograph at night. Not technically light painting, but night photography none the less, the Forth (Rail) Bridge has been undergoing some renovations for a number of...

pAs$w0rD to0ls! – A Word About Words

Getting the best out of your password... I originally wrote this to send to friends who asked me for advice about password security when they have had one or more of their web accounts compromised, so I decided to post it here for others and so that I can just send a...

Playing with Light – Part 1

Experiments and Playing with Light Part 1... I spend quite a lot of time just playing with light, either artificial ambient light, additional lighting by way of any light emitting tools/toys or a mixture of two or more lighting situations. I do this for a number of...

Lensbaby – Just Because You Can

Lensbaby Composer and Creative Aperture Kit... For those of you that don't know what a Lensbaby is, it is a fully manual creative selective focus lens with interchangeable aperture disks, there are various flavours of the Lensbaby and several different lens options,...

Playing with Light Colour – Lighting Scotland

Halogen Vs LED Cree spotlights, playing with light colour... 2 million candle power spotlight: It's been a while since I last posted anything, but there is a fair bit in the wings, including a post that outlines some of my most used light-painting kit, what it does...

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