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Out and about with The Hylander – Lighting Scotland

Paint it Light: Lightpainting... On a recent night excursion with Stu Luddite88 Hyland we went to a localish location with some interesting abandoned buildings and the obligatory array of torches, tripods and shutter releases to seek out something a bit different from...

Winter is Coming – Lighting Scotland

Winter is Coming… Winter is coming and the days are getting short, It'll soon be time to recharge the torch, So don't be winging about the cold dark nights, Now I can go and make my own light. Balvaird Castle, near (ish) to Perth... On a spontaneous, lets go out its...

Into the Light

Final Resting Place… I close my eyes to see your face That’s how I see you from this place With my finger your soul I trace Remembering you in all your grace. Copyright © Simon Pole 2011 As with most of the posts here, this post will have an accompanying image,...

A New Beginning

Revamped... Not really so much of a redesign, as the format is basically the same, a simple, that works layout , just bringing it a little more up-to date and modern within a network of my other sites, to incorporate an internal blog which will hopefully be easier to...

Forest Light – Lighting Scotland

Charmed Forest... OK so technically this could be anywhere, but it is in Scotland, so it counts, this was shot in the grounds of Loch Awe Hotel in September 2008, it was total darkness and a little unnerving with all the creaking trees etc. So anyway, the main scene...

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