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What a Difference a Torch Makes – Lighting Scotland

Ruthven Barracks, Kingussie, Scotland Ruthven Barracks with available floodlighting This was shot approximately 12 hours after my first attempt, previous post, this time at dusk as the light was falling, the barracks are floodlit but only on one end, which doesn't...

First Attempt – Lighting Scotland

First attempt at landscape lightpainting... Dawn by Torchlight: My first attempt was early morning, well most would probably call it the middle of the night, 4am start, because I was away and couldn't sleep. Anyway this was shot before the sun had risen, but there was...

Skye Trip and Chrissie's website

Trip to the Isle of Skye... Chrissie and I will be taking a trip up to Skye over the Weekend, I’m sure this will result in some decent photographic ventures and no doubt some random adventures. Chrissie wanted to stay in one of the Wigwams (which look pretty cool) at...

Introduction – Lighting Scotland

Lighting Scotland Back in September 2006 I attended a mini LightPainting tutorial lead by David McAleavy of who I had met a couple of times at social events in Glasgow, I had admired his work since I first came across it in early 2005, having had a...

Aberdeenshire Trip

Aberdeenshire and Boddam lighthouse... OK to be fair this doesn’t really have much to do with our collaboration other than the fact that I took Chrissie up to Aberdeen to shoot with Sam Brill, whilst I wandered off for the day to shoot some landscapes or well whatever...

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